• Sean Flora is a great producer and engineer of quality music.
    — Scott McCaughey – R.E.M.; Young Fresh Fellows; The Minus 5
  • Sean Flora was absolutely amazing and got such a burly, in your face sound for us I think we were all stunned on the first playback. My jaw actually dropped. He is a master with guitar tone and really got the most out of each and every song.
    — Allen Hunter – The EELS; Kleveland
  • Sean knows his shit.
    — Steve Berlin – Los Lobos
  • Sean is skilled, intelligent and easy to work with. I'll definitely be back.
    — Xan McCurdy — Cake
  • I’ve never gotten a better sound in the studio in my life. Each mic compliments the other for a complete full and rich sound. Our engineer Sean Flora has been very easy to work with and really knows what he’s doing. He’s got great ears, which is crucial.
    — David Valdez, Jazz Saxophonist
  • The song sounds so amazing with what you did. I’m inspired by your work. You’ve got skills like a level 13 wizard.
    — Daniel Riddle – King Black Acid


My priority is to get on the same wavelength with you and your music—to deeply and intuitively understand where you're coming from and what the music is all about, so very early on in the project, we are finishing each other's sentences.


I was lucky to be given a great sense of pitch, harmony, rhythm, and dynamics—which I've spent my life developing so I can help musicians translate their ideas into meaningful music. I'm a performer myself, so I have an empathic connection to what musicians are experiencing in the studio.



Yes, my creative Right Brain is well-developed, but I'm also enough of a left-brained nerd to have mastered the technical aspects of recording, so that they are second nature. To me the emotional impact of the music is the why of the technical side.